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The Inevitable Trend:Remanufacturing Toner Cartridge

Today, the theme of the times is: "energy saving, green, environmental protection, ecology." "Green printing environmentally friendly supplies" has become the inevitable trend of development of the industry. Remanufacturing is the process of restoring a used article to a usable level after it has been reprocessed. Remanufacturing has the advantage of comprehensive utilization of resources to reduce environmental pollution, the disposal of waste products into useful goods. On the one hand, protecting the environment effectively and avoiding the loss of energy and human resources; on the other hand, the remanufacturing industry can also greatly reduce the heavy burden on the government in discarding waste. National Development and Reform Commission is ready to "recycling supplies for renewable resources" included in the state to encourage the development of comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection technology directory.

The so-called cartridge recycling, simply put the old toner cartridge will be recycled through a series of processing, to re-use the cartridge, the reason is called recycled toner cartridge, because it is mainly the use of old toner Box of plastic shell and spare parts. Toner cartridges can generally be reused 4 to 5 times, the reutilization rate of supplies up to 40 to 50%. Old toner cartridges almost no non-renewable absolute waste, unqualified parts can be repaired or replaced to make the toner cartridge a new look, and therefore drum space for value-added recycling is very broad. Original product design, there is the intention of recycling, to avoid environmental pollution. Recycled toner cartridge as a product, its emergence and development, in addition to a commercial act, the most important is its business philosophy: to create quality products fully meet the requirements of users, to make environmental protection and improvement contribution.

Recycling of high-tech products, resource exploitation has long been available in foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States and other advanced countries, the recycling of printer cartridges as an important component of public environmental protection, by the government and the whole society to encourage and support, and now Has formed a set of effective industrial operation mechanism. The associations of environmentally friendly recycling products are all over the world and are full of vitality.

In China, "green printing, supplies environmental protection", has attracted the attention of national institutions. In the report of "Environment Protection and Consumables", SEPA officials made it clear that China needs to be in line with international standards, vigorously develop "recycling economy" and "environmental protection industry", and lead the development of 3R consumables. A group of people of insight, have called for "beware printers hit a new public nuisance." Residual waste after use of printer consumables, such as buried in the ground 1000 years after degradation. I would like to take Hong Kong as an example. If the consumables used every year are fully recovered, the single saved spare parts resources would be equivalent to 1.88 million tons of crude oil. The reduction of CO2 emissions is enough for Hong Kong people to breathe for nine years now. For these high-tech "garbage" recovery, utilization and processing, by the government and society attach great importance.

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