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More Companys Plan To M&A:a Branch Office Of The Huiatech​

The Merger & Acquisition(M&A) of enterprises is one of the initiative elements to know their marketing efficiency in the captital market.More than 10 years of development, this industry has matured, large-scale operation, specialized production, the product chain extends up and down. Printing supplies are burst out of China's energy.These energy will also bring the industry into the capital era. From labor-intensive to capital-intensive transitions, the cost and standard of investing and building consumables enterprises will be higher and higher due to rising factory rent, labor force and raw material prices. As a result, more consumables manufacturers will seek listing or take other forms of industrial restructuring. Large enterprise groups will implement rapid expansion strategies through capital, technology and brands, and even start to expand overseas markets. SMEs will have even greater survival difficult. Since the acquisition of the Ming dynasty by Dinglong in 2013, the merger and reorganization of capital in this industry has been aggravating. There will be more enterprises listed in succession and more enterprises will join the merger and acquisition. 

In 2017,our company had a important event ——acquisition.The Huiatech Copying equipment technology co.,LTD in Zhongshan,China,have the acquisition to our company.Nowadays,we are a Branch Office of The H-TWO Technology Co.,Ltd.

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