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It Is Necessary To Bring Good Protective Equipment Before Operation

The current CNC tool market, domestic NC tool independent research and development capability is weak. Most of the manufacturers or imitation and reverse research-based, this development approach led to the skills dependent on the developed countries, lost the development of the initiative, always follow the people behind the walk. Whether it is a vendor or a manufacturer, we must fully realize this, continue to consolidate the foundation in the development, enhance the ability of independent development, positioning the market, improve the possession of high-class products. This is also the domestic tool mold industry in the future development of the main tasks and trends.

The demand for the tool market is growing, with Europe and North America growing steadily. In the Eastern European countries, the Asian market rebounded slightly and the market potential was significant, with the Latin American market growing significantly, especially in Mexico. In the technical update, carbide cutting tools gradually replace high-speed steel cutting tools, coating tool applications more and more common in Europe, high-speed processing with new tool market share continues to grow.

  The method of using the blade in production and the precautions.

1. There is a sharp and sensitive edge, so it is necessary to be careful to maintain the alloy head from damage during blade movement, installation and disassembly.

2. Check the radial runout (± 0.02mm) of the machine spindle and the swing (± 0.01mm) to ensure that the blades are cut off from each other.

3. It is necessary to remove the debris from the spindle and the flange before the blade unit. The flanges should be flat, clean and shaft to each other.

4. The use of the largest possible flange can make the saw blade operation more stable, the flange size to be common, the flange size for the blade diameter 1/3 (thin saw blade should use 1 / 2D flange ) Sawing better (especially thin blade).

5. Blade in the device should be idle after 30 seconds, after all the normal and then start cutting work.

6. Flange in the device when the flange nut must be tight, moderate loose blade in the rotation will be slipping when cutting, too tight blade will have internal injuries or deformation affect the cutting effect.

7. The blade is necessary for the operator to wear protective equipment (protective glasses, dust masks, helmets, protective gloves) and see if the saw is not empty before cutting.

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