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Install The Heater To Reduce Ink Viscosity And Avoid Pressure Loss

Ricoh nozzle requirements for the use of instructions

1, nozzle introduction are water-based, pigment ink for the material to illustrate the negative pressure and filter accuracy and other issues (nozzle that the largest material is 1micron, the filter accuracy of 1-5micron), the nozzle in the use of UV ink, in addition to What are the other issues that should be addressed in the above?

When a high viscosity type ink such as uv ink is used, a large pressure loss is caused in the filter or the like in the ink supply system channel, which may cause poor ink ejection. For this reason, it is recommended to install the heater in the ink supply passage until the nozzle to reduce the ink viscosity and to avoid the pressure loss.

2, the installation of the nozzle and splicing mechanical installation of the main points or guidance requirements, such as the nozzle floor flatness, to the material distance, X, Y to the processing of the accuracy of the guidance requirements;

The machining accuracy in the X and Y directions is determined by the positional relationship between the positioning column and the nozzle on the nozzle. Position accuracy is ± 0.008mm

The accuracy of the nozzle mounting surface in the Z direction is flatness of 0.01 mm or less, so that the flatness of the frame in which the nozzle is mounted (the surface in contact with the nozzle mounting surface) is recommended to be 0.01 mm or less.

The positional accuracy of the nozzle mounting surface (lower end face) and the nozzle face in the Z direction is ± 0.1 mm.

3, the nozzle ink supply pipeline guide drawings, such as the amount of ink supply requirements, flow rate, pressure, for some of the special recommendations of the ink, such as pipeline degassing, the maintenance of the nozzle,

1) When the nozzle is driven, the pressure on the nozzle face is recommended to be between -10 and -25 mm water column (mH2O).

2) When using the water level difference to ensure the negative pressure, the need to consider the conditions according to the nozzle drive ink and fluid speed.

3) For ink pressure, please use the following values

Recommended value: 2.5psi (17.3kPa), max: 8psi (55.2kPa)

4) The following recommendations for conventional ink

• It is generally considered to add a degassing filter to the ink supply system.

• Bubble in the ink tank is often one of the reasons for poor inkjet, can be discharged by ink and other methods.

• Remaining ink is left around the nozzle, and it is recommended to use regular scraper or the like to remove

• To prevent the ink from drying out in the nozzle and to avoid sticking dust, it is recommended to install the nozzle cover when not printing.

4, each nozzle two or four colors using the engineering significance, such as now get the information for the four rows of 600dpi all dislocation, the use of a single nozzle using two-color, four-color specific use (for example: is not used when ordering The nozzle should be double 300dpi, each two colors are all aligned?)

The nozzle does not have a two-color aligned version. Usually the nozzle is in the monochrome 600dpi conditions. If you need to use multi-color, is generally used with the scan method of printing agencies, not onepass way of printing agencies.

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