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Epson Officially Released Its First Comprehensive Report

Recently, Seiko Epson released the first English version of its "Epson Composite Report 2017"on its official website. As a popular form of annual report, a comprehensive report is being adopted by more and more companies. Epson's Consolidated Report assists shareholders, investors and various stakeholders in understanding, assessing and assessing business performance through the integration of business strategy, ESG activities, finance and other aspects in a clear, consistent, consistent and comparable manner Epson's business growth and business sustainability.

The Synthesis Report describes value growth strategies and value creation fundamentals (ESG programs) that are closely related to Epson's business growth and business sustainability. At the same time also introduced a substantive issue - "the core of CSR issues." The issue pointed out that in the business operation and social development, the challenges from the society are the core issues worthy of attention and taken seriously by stakeholders.

As a new communication tool, "Epson Composite Report 2017" enables Epson and stakeholders to establish a relationship of mutual trust.Based on this good relationship,shareholders,investors and stakeholgers can understand Epson's activities more to promote constructive dialogue between two sides,ensuring that Epson to achieve its ESG goal and become a truly indispensable company.

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