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Analysis On The Future Development Trend Of Chinese Printing Consumables In 2018

As the global economy is gradually recovering and the popularity of printers is increasing, the demand for printing consumables will also increase. It is estimated that the shipment volume of the global printing consumables market will maintain a steady growth in the next five years. The average annual compound growth will be in about 0.3%, 2018 will reach 77.73 billion US dollars.The next five years, China's shipments of printing supplies, the average annual compound growth rate of about 2.7% in 2018 reached 141.141 billion yuan.


  • Toner status of the development of analysis

The global output of toner increased from 225,000 tons in 2011 to 266,000 tons in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.4%. Domestic toner output increased from 5.02 tons in 2011 to 13.88 tons in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.6%, much higher than the global level, indicating that the global production capacity of toner is gradually moving to the Mainland. The growth rate of domestic consumption of toner also surpasses the growth rate of the world. In terms of sales volume, China's toner sales account for 44% of the global sales.

  • Polymeric toner will gradually replace physical toner

Color toner according to production methods can be divided into color chemical toner (color polymerization toner) and color physical toner, compared with physical toner, toner particle size distribution, uniform, high resolution printing, gloss Good, low waste toner, low fixing temperature, the production of carbon dioxide emissions much lower than the traditional physical laws, and the physical method of toner gross margin of about 30%, chemical method toner gross margin as high as 60%.In the future, Powder will gradually replace physical toner.

  • Printing supplies tend to be colorized

With the escalation of consumer demand and the growing demand for graphics and image processing, more and more consumers tend to use color printers. At the same time, the gradual reduction in the price of color laser printers and sales continued to rise, also prompted rapid growth in demand for color toner. At present, the global color toner market is large with a total demand of more than 50 billion yuan and an average annual growth rate of at least over 10% in the future. It is estimated that the proportion of color toner market will increase to 31% in 2015 and the dosage will reach more than 60,000 tons. In 2016, the consumption of color toner in China was 5,097 tons, accounting for 4.36% of the total carbon powder. The output value also increased year by year. The price gap between color toner and black toner gradually narrowed down. In the future,there is a huge space in the replacement of black toner by color toner. 

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