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Timely to solve the cartridge failure


Difficulties in the use of ink cartridges and solutions

1, after the new cartridge still shows no ink?

Analysis: Cartridge box is not in place or cartridge sensor shrapnel does not return, need to re-install the cartridge or hand to help shrapnel reset.

2, after the new cartridge self-test pattern, lack of color or broken

Analysis: 1) may be ink cartridges stomatal seals do not tear clean or ink cartridges under the bubble at the hole; need to tear clean air seal or cleaning nozzle one to two times.

2) broken position change: the nozzle ink Xiang Xiang have air into the clean 1-2 times can be.

3) The disconnection position does not change, the nozzle is clogged or there is air bubbles in the ink hole of the ink cartridge, need to be cleaned or stopped.

3, why should I clean the printer nozzle?

Analysis: Now almost all of the inkjet printer are equipped with automatic cleaning nozzle design, if you do not use the printer for some time, then turn on the power when the printer itself will perform the cleaning nozzle action. At this point the printer will use its internal auxiliary system to attract the ink in the ink cartridge, in order to thicken the nozzle, dry ink to wash out, and to avoid drying and crystallization. Therefore, even if you do not use the printer, but also to develop habits at least two weeks to start the machine once, in order to avoid the risk of congestion. Some printers will automatically perform a cleaning operation as long as the power supply remains in the "ON" position and is not used for some time. The general inkjet printer has such a design, you can ask your printer manufacturer, your model has this function. If so, never turn off the printer's power can be resolved once and for all. But to do so, will be more power! In addition, many users usually only print black and white documents, wait until the occasional need to print color, only to find the original color nozzle has been blocked. The method of avoiding it should be at least once every two weeks to print a color or to clean the nozzle once.

4, causing the print head damage is the main reason?

Analysis: the ink system appears vesicles, easy to ink into the ink hole to form air barrier, resulting in a sudden interruption of the nozzle ink, resulting in printing when the broken ink. In this case, the machine must be cleaned in time, if the printing in this case will damage the nozzle, thus damaging the print head; print head main parts or parts of the aging, deformation, at any time will reduce the performance of the print head; print head vulnerable Mold damage, but also cause the print head damage one of the reasons; generally continuous printing after 1 hour to stop 10 minutes, otherwise it will affect the life of the print head

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