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Talk about Issues that should be noted with Ink Cartridges


Correct choice

When choosing the cartridge,you'd better to choose the brand of ink cartridges, because the brand of cartridges have quality assurance, the original cartridge is good, but the price is generally more expensive, ordinary consumers are often unbearable. Today, the quality and technology of domestic brands of universal cartridges have greatly improved, with no difference between the original cartridge, and the price is only 60% -70% of original cartridges.

Ink cartridge maintenance problems are mainly concentrated in the ink and nozzles. Inkjet printer ink usage is relatively large, in the use of a long time, the ink on the nozzle and printed images have an impact. Long nozzle wear and ink accumulation also affected the quality of printed images. Therefore, the correct choice of ink and use of the nozzle and the proper maintenance, is to extend the life of inkjet printers and ink cartridges key. In the process of using, it is generally necessary to clean the print head after installing a new ink cartridge, so that the original ink remaining in the nozzle can be washed away to prevent the new ink from chemically reacting with the original ink to cause ink blockage, so as to block the nozzle. If it is HP and Canon cartridges and other nozzles with a printer can save printing and printing nozzle hole is a cumbersome and waste of ink procedures.

Careful maintainance

How to properly maintain the print head? Printheads are most likely to become "tired" due to the long-term use of the printer, print too long, use improper ink, or block nozzles for long periods of time. Of course, the use of poor quality ink cartridges, can also cause nozzle clogging and affect the print quality, and even lead to the entire print head was scrapped. Although the print head manufacturing process more sophisticated, but its structure is not complicated. The surface in direct contact with the printing medium is covered with many tiny circular holes. The nozzle holes are connected to the nozzles inserted into the ink cartridge. Ink droplets and ink stains often remain between the nozzles and the nozzle holes and around the nozzle holes As long as these impurities and ink stains have been removed, the print head can resume normal printing.

Proper environment

Good use of the environment will not only make the printer "safe", but also make the cartridge work properly. Color inkjet printers designed with nozzles in the cartridge, such as Hewlett-Packard and Canon printers and cartridges, should be placed in a dry, clean environment to prevent more dirt from clogging the cartridge's tiny nozzles. If the working environment of the printer is too wet, not only some components of the ink jet printer may be corroded, but even the printing nozzles of the ink cartridges are difficult to ensure that they will not be corroded. And the working environment can not change too fast, or thermal expansion of parts can cause excessive wear and tear on mechanical parts, especially the change of the plastic components of the ink cartridge and the nozzle aperture will affect the printing effect.

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