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Maintenance of OPC drum


Routine OPC maintenance will not significantly increase the life or reliability of an OPC. OPC surface are sensitive to contamination and to physical contact. Some operators use of poor quality toner/developer or paper that causes OPC contamination may make cleaning necessary. Use extreme care, and follow the methods below. These OPC cleaning methods are listed in order of increasing severity (or probability of damaging the OPC). Any time an OPC coating is handled, the chance of damage is significant.

Method 1: Dry Chicopee Soft Cloth Lens Wipe

Chicopee Soft Cloths are inexpensive and readily available. Lightly wipe the affected surface area with even pressure. Be sensitive to any surface scratches caused by wiping.

Method 2: Dry Chicopee Soft Cloth Lens Wipe and Toner

Sprinkle a small amount of new, machine-specific toner on a clean, once-folded Chicopee Soft Cloth. Lightly wipe the area using the toner as both a lubricant and abrasive. Again, be sensitive to scratching the surface. Always begin with minimal wiping pressure and increase pressure only after inspecting for scratches. Change cloths frequently.

Method 3: Chicopee Soft Cloth Lens Wipe and Pure Distilled Water

Dampen the Chicopee Soft Cloth with a few drops of distilled water from a clean, sealed container. Lightly wipe the area with even pressure. Remove any residual moisture of film with a fresh Chicopee Soft Cloth.

Method 4: Chicopee Soft Cloth Lens Wipe Dampened 99% Isopropyl Alcohol

Follow Method 3, substituting a diluted Isopropyl Alchohol solution (Katun PN 703966) instead of the distilled water. Contact your Katun technican representative for further guidance. Alcohol, an organic solvent, can cause CTL damage. Use this method only as a last resort. Solvents such as trichloroethane or non-diluted alcohol should never be used for cleaning OPCs because they will cause permanent damage to the OPC coating.

There is no safe method to remove contamination from the surface of an OPC, so prevention should be stressed. Try to assure that your customers use quality toner, developer, and paper. Instruct service technicians/engineers to keep exhaust fans and ozone filters in good working condition, and to adhere to OEM-recommended ozone filter replacement intervals. Finally, please observe the following precautions when handling an OPC:

When installing an OPC, wait until the last moment to remove the light-protective wrap.

When removing the OPC from the machine during service, do not allow the OPC drum to be exposed to interior/outside light for an extended period of time. The OPC needs to be covered with light blocking material or placed in a dark location to prevent electrical damage to the coating.

Do not allow any physical contact with the OPC coating.

Use a blow brush or a Chicopee Soft Cloth, rather than blowing surface dust away with your breath. Saliva drops will cause spots on prints.

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