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Graphic clear, stable performance, long service life


Ricoh copiers in the current market, many copier brands, occupies a large proportion. It is to copy fast, graphic clear, stable performance, long life and favored by the majority of users. However, in the course of use, with the increase in the number of copies is bound to appear some of these or that problem.

The problem of paper jam occurs throughout the use of the copier, mainly caused by the following five aspects: First, the paper size is not right, that is less than 50g / m2, then the paper front can not correctly enter the fixing site caused by paper jam; The paper is too wet, when the paper has just been separated when the curl caused by the paper jam; Third, transfer the separation of the electrode wire too much carbon deposition, resulting in the distribution of current on the electrode wire uneven, in the local discharge and can not completely Eliminate the charge on the paper, the paper can not correctly enter the fixing site and cause paper jam; Fourth, the electrode seat is breakdown, when the open electrode seat, if found above the lightning black belt or spotted plaque, Must be here, at this time can be used to wear black tape or spot spot grind away, if necessary, replace the new electrode seat, this phenomenon is one of the main causes of paper jam; five is rubbing paper wheel aging, if the jam area Often appear in the paper feed area, this time will find the paper always into a small part of the copier, most still remain outside, the main reason is the pickup roller aging, can not send the paper into the "track "The solution is to replace the pickup roller.

Ricoh (RICOH) thermal transfer ribbon is the result of Ricoh's long experience in manufacturing information and communication equipment. Ricoh products have been used in 120 countries around the world. Ricoh's advanced thermal transfer technology can help you more clearly and accurately convert information, believe that Ricoh ribbon can meet your highest standards, Ricoh Ribbon Features:

wide range of label adaptability, good versatility.

excellent printing results, cost economy.

Applicable to a wide range, can be adapted to different materials.

anti-static back coating easy to effectively protect the print head.

Added that Ricoh small tube ribbon because the axis is smaller, so there is no code, but there will be a white foam pad

Ribbon Packaging Identification

The ribbon has a tape with an attached shaft and a white foam pad on the outside, which prevents the impact of the bumps on the conveyor.

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