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Epson toner cartridge refilling method


Epson cartridge refill method Epson's manual states that the cartridge can not be used after it is removed. This is caused by the special structure of the ink cartridge. Removing the ink cartridge halfway will cause air to enter the nozzle tube and cause a break in printing. And this time the line to be cleaned several times to the air out, so Epson in order to prevent this situation and the user will not be processed, only warned the user can not be removed after the use of ink cartridges, so users are free to remove the cartridge.

However, ink cartridges Epson relative to other brands of ink cartridges, ink technology, when requested really higher. This is determined by the nozzle structure, the cleaning mechanism of the ink cartridge and the nozzle, etc. The Epson inkjet printhead is designed as a split-cartridge type inkjet cartridge with a stainless steel ultrafine filter only on the ink outlet of the ink cartridge, No filter installed on the nozzle, most of the problems are out of the cartridge and the use of higher frequency printer. Such as the selection of compatible ink for perfusion, be sure to save the empty cartridge, removed from the machine as soon as possible with tape to seal the ink outlet to prevent dust from entering.

Select the ink must be selected when the performance of reliable ink, for example, use of carbon zero technology raw ink, try to avoid mixing different brands. Epson printers have nozzles that bring in air as they change cartridges and air if they are improperly filled when filling in ink. Therefore, when adding ink, it is necessary to slowly inject ink so that the ink will settle to the bottom of the ink tank. Do not leave the air at the bottom of the ink tank. The specific method is: with the rubber plug will be blocked with the ink hole, or with a transparent adhesive tape to seal the hole (the original ink on the residual ink on the original dry, must be sealed), opened the top of the cartridge Paper seal, you can see each color ink chamber has two holes above (black ink cartridge on the two holes), a small groove out of the vent, the other is the injection hole, a few individual cartridge notes Ink hole is plugged with glue, these two holes can be refilled. The amount of ink should not exceed the limit of the sponge. After the ink filling is completed, the paper should be affixed back to the sealing paper. Be careful not to seal the ventilation groove completely, and pay attention to eliminate bubbles in the bottom sponge. After standing for 10 minutes, the adhesive tape is used to seal out the ink hole, and the ink cartridge is put back into the printer directly; the stopper is used to seal the ink hole, the stopper is removed, the ink is exuded, wiped off with a tissue, and quickly returned to the printer. Refilling the ink must be gentle, so that the ink sink to the bottom, too easy to let the air left at the bottom, resulting in a break when printing.

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